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DBMS, Inc. was established in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1993. We provide technology solutions to meet both contemporary and evolving care management requirements. We also satisfy reporting requirements for organizations that deliver health care service. Our system is utilized by over 250 clients worldwide, in multiple languages and has been customized to meet the standards of each country where it is used. This includes our global surveillance alert system (COVID-19, SARS, EBOLA, ZIKA) in 100+ languages.

We provide consulting services related to JCI/JACHO accreditations and business plans, as well as services to build and manage hospitals, home health and medical facilities in North / South America and other countries. DBMS also provides comprehensive health management technology services, life cycle Data Center Migration support and solutions through our integrated suite of software products and believe that, in order to provide the best healthcare technology services, there must be dynamic integration of information and tools. Our combined suite of integrated protocols (programs) and system components are designed to help you reduce health risks and improve the health of your members/patients while reducing your private and/or government organization’s overall healthcare costs. As a team, we aim to provide a process (tool) to help our healthcare clients achieve an ACO (Accountable Care Organization) & Meaningful Use model more efficiently. DBMS is accredited in Transition of Care and Case Management V5.0 by URAC. We also prepare large healthcare grants.

DBMS Accreditation


Danny Zalam, Chief Informatics Officer / Interim CEO:
Mr. Zalam has over 29 years of healthcare IT leadership experience, working for both healthcare providers and vendors. Mr. Zalam started his career in New York and later relocated to the Mid-West. He is responsible for all aspects of the company's software application development and database design, technology, growth, organization, strategic alliance, and transformation (especially in South/Latin America and other countries). 

He has designed and implemented several WEB and CLOUD Base INTEGRATED healthcare systems and was involved in several state-of-the-art reverse-engineering projects for State and Government agencies as well as healthcare companies, including healthcare insurance, pharmaceutical, home health, integrated care management (UM, CM, DM, Wellness, Assessments and Care Plans) for commercial, Medicaid and Medicare members nationwide. He was also involved in establishing one of the largest medical travel and referral programs nationwide and internationally. He graduated with a Computer Science and Mathematics degree.

Mark Rollins, CMO & Care Management Director:
Dr. Mark Rollins is a board certified family practitioner and medical director at WellPoint and previously served as the medical director at Indiana MDwise Hoosier Alliance (owned by AmeriHealth Mercy) and Care Select programs. He has been in practice for 19 years, and has experience in the managed care industry providing medical reviews, consultation, and committee support for several managed care organizations. Most of his practice has been in the underserved communities in Milwaukee, WI, Columbus, OH, and most recently in Indiana. Dr. Rollins also served as a clinical assistant professor and faculty member of the Ohio State University’s family medicine residency where he helped to develop an inner city residency training program. He has a passion for providing care to the underserved and special needs population. His training includes an undergraduate degree in microbiology at Ohio State, a medical degree from American University of the Caribbean, and residency training through the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee where he served as chief resident. 

Dennis C. Passehl: CIO
Dennis Passehl has over 30 years experience in health plan and healthcare IT.  His experience includes the management of  an ACS strategic business unit for WellPoint, that provides IT infrastructure functionality and support for 7 states with over 11 million members being served. His roles have been varied within the IT health arena and include the management of software engineering, quality assurance, database management, large projects and technology infrastructure implementations and support.

He brings to DBMS a wealth of IT enablement knowledge in multiple venues and multiple platforms. The business supported included traditional, HMO, federal employee program, and government sponsored demonstration projects.

Hugh Lytle: President, Univita

Hugh Lytle is Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Univita Health, Inc., the nation’s leading “independent aging” company whose mission is to make the home a safe place to age, receive medical care, and live an entire life with dignity.Univita has sought to make a positive impact on the aging crisis in America by creating a new “home-centric personal health system” that empowers seniors and family members to support aging at home and avoid undesired institutional care. Univita’s “one life-one call” approach is simplifying the complexities associated with keeping a senior living independently and reducing the burden placed on families, physicians, and caregivers. Prior to co-founding Univita, Mr. Lytle was President and Co-Founder of Axia Health Management, LLC, the nation’s leading population health management company whose pioneering efforts led to the development of the industry’s first true single source provider of integrated preventive health and wellness benefits. In his role as President, Mr. Lytle directed company business performance, oversaw operations, and led company acquisition and integration activities.In December of 2006 Axia successfully sold the company to Healthways, Inc. (NASDAQ: HWAY) for $450 Million. After the sale Mr. Lytle served as a Senior Vice President for Healthways supporting the integration of the two companies and assisting in business development initiatives before joining Genstar Capital, a leading national private equity firm, in August of 2007 where he served as an Operating Executive before launching Univita Health in December of 2008.Prior to Axia/Healthways, Mr. Lytle was Assistant Vice President of Corporate Development with CVS Caremark/Advance PCS, the country’s largest pharmaceutical benefits manager. Hugh began his career as a marketing executive at Xerox Corporation, achieving top sales successes. Mr. Lytle earned an MBA from Butler University (1995) and a BA in History and Economics from the University of Indianapolis (1989). Mr. Lytle is a Principal with StarWest Ventures, a strategic healthcare advisory firm based in Tempe, Arizona. He is a member of the Indiana Leadership Forum, a member of the Board of Visitors for the Butler University School of Business, is on the Board of Overseers for the Phoenix Symphony, and is an Advisory Board Member with DBMS, Inc.

Tom Ream: CIO, Sutter Health
Tom Ream has nearly 30 years of healthcare IT leadership experience, working for both providers and vendors. His provider-side roles have included both CFO and CIO. He has covered assignments in acute care, long-term care, home health, hospice, and physician practice. These settings have ranged from community hospitals to integrated delivery networks with academic programs. Mr. Ream also spent a decade with one of the leading H.I.S. vendors. While there, he focused primarily on project management, account management, and field operations.
He brings to DBMS a broad spectrum of healthcare knowledge and the use of software products in various environments. Mr. Ream holds his M.B.A. in Finance from The Wharton School (U. of Pennsylvania) and his M.Ed. in Communications from The Annenberg School (Temple University). He has also completed the Advanced Certificate of Proficiency for Management Information & Decision Systems at Case Western Reserve University. 

Dr.Wilson Cubides: Bogota
Dr. Cubides is a medical doctor that specializes in the following models (in Latin America including Colombia, Panama, and Peru): 
   • Integrated Healthcare Management Solutions
   • Integrated Healthcare Reform
   • International Public Health
With over 20 years experience in the public and private health sector and software development, Dr. Cubides was successful in transforming healthcare ideas in Colombia and Latin America by automating and enforcing the EPS/IPS (health insurance and hospitals/clinics) healthcare process/standards for each country into a successful software application.  Dr. Cubides developed, designed, and implemented his own healthcare models and his own healthcare software (now under DBMS INC Colombia integrated healthcare model).  Dr. Cubides has extensive experience in the management of health institutions as a health service provider and in insurance companies in Latin America.  He also an advisor in healthcare in both the private as well as the ministry of health levels in various countries. Dr. Cubides has worked for Colombia's Healthcare Academy and has managed IPS's, EPS's, homecare, medical tourism, and other healthcare organizations in Colombia and other Latin American countries.
In December of 2011, Dr. Wilson Cubides joined DBMS Latin America SA (Bogota, Colombia) as a medical officer to help DBMS in its integrated vertical healthcare solution, nationally and internationally.

Magaly Castro, Regional Director – Central America

Magaly Castro is the DBMS Health project director for Central America. She has managed several healthcare I/T projects for DBMS Health and communicates in Spanish and English. She is involved in DBMS’ health projects related to hospitals/clinics, medical travel and healthcare system integration projects.

Magaly has 15 years of managing multi-billion dollar construction projects in the New York City and the metropolitan area to include hospitals and medical laboratories. Her experience extended into overseeing New York based consulting firms and coordinating with state and federal government agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health, OSHA.

Castro also worked for the New York City University, CUNY as a Director and Assistant to the Dean of Research and Development designing and managing grant programs for the sciences.

She is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University with a BS Degree in Civil Engineering, specializing in Construction Management Technology and a BA Graduate degree in Project Management/ Human Resources Training and Development from Seton Hall University. Her studies also include training at Brooklyn Polytechnic University in the area of Transportation Management. Additionally, Castro was certified by the Office of the Attorney General in the State of New Jersey as an Investigator, Trainer and Court qualified as a Narcotics Expert for over 20 years. She received training/certifications in several areas of investigations to include financial.

With our 20 years combined experience in Integrated Healthcare IT Solutions & Care Management Services we have been able to create a system that is utilized by over 250 clients worldwide, in multiple languages, and has been customized to meet the standards of each country and facility where it is used.

Dr. Juan Carlos Lopez, MD: 

Clinica El Bosque, Bogota, Colombia

Dr. Juan Carlos Lopez joined DBMS INC Colombia in 2011. He is leading DBMS INC Colombia as the Chief Medical Officer (CMO – Orthopedic Dept.). His past experience in informatics and vertical healthcare solution knowledge will be part of DBMS INC culture in order to offer the most integrated vertical healthcare solution, nationally and internationally. Professor and Dr. Lopez is an orthopedic and trauma specialist from the Universidad el Bosque and a fellow of Reconstructive and arthroscopic Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital under Professor Hugh Chandler, 1993.

Professor Lopez has excelled in Colombia as one of the leading orthopedists in reconstructive surgery of the hip and knee in Colombia with over 20 years’ experience. He served as the director of the trauma service at the Universidad el Bosque Hospital. He is also the Director of reconstructive surgery program for hip and knee of the adult largest EPS, with a practice of more than 20 arthroplasties per month. Dr. Lopez held the position of the president of the Orthopedic Association of Colombia (2013-2015) which contains more than 1,900 Orthopedic Doctors in Colombia.Dr. Lopez has extensive knowledge in the development and management of EMR for the institutions where he works and has recently joined DBMS as part of the board for the development of home care programs and medical travel for international patients.

He is currently the Chief of the Orthopedic and Trauma specialist program at the Universidad el Bosque, chief of orthopedic service at el Bosque Health Foundation, Senior member of the board of the Universidad el Bosque, Past President of the Colombian society of Orthopedics and Traumatology, SCCOT, and President of Colombia ORTHOWAVE, President of SAS Arthroeslo .

Dr. Isaac J. Myers, II: Vice President of Baptist Healthcare System KY