​​DBMS provides leading edge software, support, and consulting services to satisfy the needs of businesses that deliver health care services. In addition, DBMS' Integrated Care Management System (ICMS) software adds capabilities for clinical care management and administrative task management.

Our technology is one of the most advanced and comprehensive available with capabilities to interface with existing global systems.   Our dynamic system allows our clients to fully understand their population's health potential risks and outcomes at any given time; allowing patients to be treated with the latest clinical protocols.

With the ease and capabilities of DBMS software, businesses can increase the value of their existing systems while reducing data capture requirements and redundancy across systems. DBMS capitalizes on its team of experienced professionals to provide state of the art information-technology consulting and data warehouse solutions.

For Health Plans and Self-Insured customers, DBMS Health promotes the best possible healthcare outcomes at a reduced cost. Customers satisfaction is DBMS’ highest priority. We are proud of maintaining high customer satisfaction rate, averaging over 95%.
For DBMS Hospital customers, DBMS provides a comprehensive robust utilization management engine which integrates with hospital systems and payors in order to prevent massive claim denials by the payor or insurance company. DBMS’ model also delivers quality healthcare at the appropriate time. Our robust system has improved the hospitals’ claims payment submissions from 17% to over 80% within 3-9 months.

Hospital Consulting and Management Services

Our experienced professionals and highly skilled specialists form exceptional teams that formulate and implement right strategies for each client’s unique challenges and opportunities. Our skilled accreditation consultants have extensive experience with Accreditation standards (JCI and Canadian, ISO 9001, more…). We prepare for your accreditation readiness and response including Gap analysis, education and onsite support.

DBMS’ Global and Centralization population health management model provides great advantages to assist health ministers of any nation to easily identify and monitor high risk population. Therefore, DBMS surveillance alert system notifies the CDC real-time of any emerging infectious diseases.

Exceeding Your Expectations

DBMS has one product, but endless solutions.

• Utilization Management/Review Components
• Disease Management Components
• Case Management Components
• Pharmacy Reporting
• RN Workflow and Task Management
• Over 100 Assessments Conditions, with automatic stratification and customized “evidence-based” Care and Treatment Plans
• Episodes of Care and Protocol Auto-Generation from Assessment Questions
• Dynamic capacity to identify members with multiple admissions and observation stays via specific CPT/ICD-10 Codes
• Clinical Notes with FAX/File Attachments
• Universal and Vertical EMR – guaranteeing access for hospitals, clinics, health organizations, and patients. All the information available in multiple languages.
• Dynamic Ad-hoc Reports Builder
• Assessment and Protocol Builder to add, customize, or modify assessment questions, answers, and protocols.
• Dashboard and ad-hoc reports (by disease, condition, or population)
• RightFax™ Integration

Care Management Services

A patient needing a transplant; a premature infant; hospice arrangements and intravenous antibiotic therapies, all of these are the types of cases carefully managed by the DBMS CASE MANAGEMENT SERVICES staff.

The CASE MANAGEMENT referral list is extensive and includes the management of many types of illnesses and services. These are provided by professional, experienced nurses working with the patient and the care team to ensure appropriate and cost-effective care. Our Case Managers have access to 90 medical protocols and care plans within the DBMS HEALTH proprietary medical system that help guide the care and the needs of the patient while also providing Patient Education to empower and improve the patient’s quality of life. 

The CASE MANAGER also implements specific contracts providing the best quality and pricing. The staff of the Case Management department follows rigorous ongoing education requirements in order to assure the client that the most current standards and guidelines are being applied.

Products & Services